Algonquin Park Early Fall 2015

It was a nice day today (Sept 20, 2015) so I thought it was time to fly from Toronto up to Algonquin Park to see if the colours of the trees had changed yet.  It was a little early so the leaves had just started to turn, but most were still green.  But still it was a great day to go flying for a couple of hours.

Bringing GJB Back Home

Today, Nov 13, 2013, marks a special day for CF-GJB (GJB = “Good JoB”).  I had sold GJB in 2007 because I was moving to New Zealand, and now I’ve bought it back.  In the few years before selling it, I had the engine rebuilt and a new paint job on the exterior.  The owner I sold it to had the interior redone in a nice green to match the paint job.  As you can see from some of the pictures, it is now a nice sweet aircraft inside and out.  Today I flew it back from Carp (CYRP) to my  hangar in Burlington (CZBA).

Niagara Falls 2012

Taking Jane for a flight over Niagara Falls in Piper Warrior C-GOCH.

Last Flight in DQM

This is my last flight in my Fleet Canuck CF-DQM before selling it (July 14, 2011).  The flight was from Burlington (CZBA) to Carp (CYRP).

Niagara Falls 2010

A flight over Niagara Falls with Inge in the left seat of a Cirrus.

Mo’s Frozen Fly-in 2010

Some pictures from Mo’s annual fly-in on the frozen Ottawa River.